About Us

Hey Friends!

My name is Jess, and I started my boutique in 2017 when I became a single mom and my corporate job was not going to be able to support my little family alone.  I worked the full time job for a few years while growing my business.  In growing the business, I focused a lot on live sales that built a community based on new friendships and a place where women of ALL sizes could shop and feel good in their clothes.   Now, I run the Opal Six Boutique full time and love to personally pick out clothing and accessories that celebrate all body types at affordable price points.  


If you are a new customer, come find me live on Facebook if you haven't already.  I love meeting new people and welcoming everyone into the friendship community that we have built over the years.


If you are a returning customer, my family thanks you from the bottom of our heart.  My story could have gone a totally different way if it wasn't for my amazing customers that keep shopping.